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Biochar Soil Improver / Enhancer.

Stimulates plant growth and soil fertility resulting in higher crop yields.

Better water and nutrient retention, for which willow biochar
due to it's higher porosity is superior to all other charcoal sources,

Encourages beneficial microbial activity especially
when used as the basis for "Terra Preta".

Better fertiliser efficiency reducing need for chemical fertilisers.

Increases soil pH and carbon sequestration.



Argoed Coppice premium quality



100% pure willow biochar soil improver / enhancer

available in 25 litre packages

  30 ltrs = £28 + £5.85 carriage

larger quantities made to order

free local delivery (Oswestry / Welshpool area)

phone:- 07931-681924

or email :- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.